Practice Areas

Practice Areas

In addition to representing clients in personal injury, criminal defense, and divorce & family law matters, the McGinn Law Firm represents clients Statewide in Iowa and Nebraska in the following areas:

Personal Injury

A personal injury accident is devastating physically, mentally, and financially. Having to deal with insurance company representatives is difficult, exhausting, and perplexing. At the McGinn Law Firm, we have the experience and expertise to handle personal injury claims properly so our clients receive the compensation they deserve due to the negligence or irresponsibility of someone else.

Criminal Defense

Are you in need of criminal defense representation you can trust? Work with our team and obtain knowledgeable, professional service and legal representation for your criminal defense case.

Divorce & Family Law

We understand that no two family law cases are alike, and no two clients are the same. At McGinn Law Firm, we work with each client on an individual basis to gain a full understanding of his or her personal needs and goals. When our clients are fully informed as to their rights and options, they are much more able to make important decisions concerning their critical family law matters.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation law defines the rights of a worker who is injured or becomes ill due to a work-related incident and allows the injured worker to recover appropriate benefits. At the McGinn Law Firm attorney Ed Noethe is committed to protecting the rights of injured workers. We understand that being unable to work because of a workplace injury is a difficult situation, and our goal is to simplify the process as much as possible. We represent clients who have suffered an injury due to an accident on the job, who have gradually developed an injury or illness due to repetitive trauma or toxic exposure, or who have been injured by third parties, such as other drivers on the road, employees of other companies, or manufacturers of defective products.

Workplace injuries or illness are sometimes caused by the negligence of someone other than your employer. If you are injured by the negligence of a third party during the course of carrying out your job duties, you are entitled to bring a civil lawsuit against that third party to recover for your personal injuries. For example, if you are driving while on the job and another car hits you, you can bring a negligence action against the other driver and sue for damages. Similarly, if you are injured on the job because of a defectively designed or manufactured product, or if a product has inadequate warnings about the use of the product, you may have a claim against the product manufacturer. Our attorneys are experienced in both workers’ compensation and personal injury claims, and can capably handle every aspect of your case, including any third party liability and related civil claims, ensuring that you receive all of the compensation to which you are entitled.

Estate Planning

McGinn Law Firm prepares individually tailored estate planning documents designed to accomplish our client’s goals while minimizing or eliminating potential transfer taxes and simplifying the estate administration process. Our areas of representation include:

  • Wills
  • Living Wills
  • Trusts
  • General Powers of Attorney
  • Medical Powers of Attorney
  • Life Estates
  • Long-term care planning

Trust, Estate and Probate Litigation

Our attorneys are seasoned litigators and are experienced in representing fiduciaries and beneficiaries in connection with trust, estate, and probate disputes. We represent clients in connection with an array of trust and estate issues, including intra-family disputes, challenges to the validity of estate planning documents, allegations of estate mismanagement or breach of fiduciary duty, and claims by beneficiaries.

Business Representation

When starting a new business, one of the most significant decisions a business owner must make is determining the appropriate type of business entity structure for the new venture. The type of entity selected will have significant tax and legal liability implications for the business. Our attorneys assist clients with determining the appropriate type of entity and preparing any necessary entity formation documents, including shareholder or operating agreements. We also offer comprehensive business transaction and litigation services, including:

  • Preparing contracts, lease agreements and employee agreements
  • Preparing purchase and sale agreements of small businesses
  • Licensing and compliance issues
  • Representation before administrative agencies
  • Representation in commercial litigation, including contract disputes

Real Estate

Attorneys at the McGinn Law Firm provide sound professional advice and representation to buyers and sellers and other parties in real estate transactions and real estate litigation disputes. We represent clients in connection with transactions and litigation involving residential, commercial and agricultural property. We assist our clients in negotiating, drafting, or reviewing contracts for the purchase or sale of real property or commercial lease agreements. Our goal in every transaction is to make sure our clients’ rights are fully protected and their objectives are met. Our attorneys also represent clients in a variety of real estate disputes, including contract disputes and disputes over the sale of real property, construction disputes, and landlord/tenant disputes.

Social Security Disability

Injured workers who suffer permanent injuries and disabilities may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits from the U.S. Social Security Administration. Applicants must be able to provide medical certification of their disabilities, including documentation certifying that the employee’s physical or mental disability prevents him or her from performing gainful work for a period of at least 12 months, or will eventually cause death. An injured worker’s dependents may also qualify for SSDI benefits, and workers who have been receiving SSDI benefits for 24 months also become eligible to receive Medicare benefits.

Many claims for SSDI benefits are denied at the initial filing, making it critical that you contact experienced counsel as soon as possible to discuss your claim. The attorneys at the McGinn Law Firm are dedicated to ensuring that you receive all of the benefits to which you are entitled. We can help you swiftly and successfully navigate through the SSDI process.

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My experience with the McGinn Law Firm was top notch! They brought in the best experts in the city to help analyze my case, and even though they ultimately decided we didn't have a good case to argue, they didn't charge me anything beyond my initial retainer - which was used in full to pay for the expert!

Very professional and ethical, which is a rare breed these days! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional Law Firm that actually looks out for the client first!

- Evan Osborn

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