If you have a claim for personal injury or property damage there is a good chance you will end up dealing with an insurance company adjuster. You may even have a dispute with your own insurance company as to whether your insurance policy covers your damages. At the McGinn Law Firm, we have experienced lawyers who have the knowledge and expertise in handling disputes with insurance companies. Our lawyers understand insurance policies and what is covered by a particular insurance policy and what is not covered. Attorney Edward F. Noethe worked for sixteen years in an Omaha law firm defending insurance company interests and knows insurance law. Insurance companies know their rights and assert them. The McGinn Law Firm will make sure your rights are asserted and protected.


At the McGinn Law Firm we provide representation concerning a wide variety of insurance related claims including the following matters:

o Personal Injury
o Property Damage
o Dog Bites
o Fire Loss
o Uninsured Motorists Claims
o Underinsured Motorists Claims
o Insurance Coverage Disputes

Contact Edward F. Noethe at the McGinn Law Firm to schedule your free initial consultation on your insurance claim.