We are Manning, Iowa and we are a proud progressive community.
From the cultivated rows of local agriculture to our brick-lined Main Street, we have a deep-rooted history of thinking ahead, stepping up to the plate, and getting things done…together. We invite you to be our guest…visit…come live…and you’ll see why we say, “Manning, Iowa…It’s Refreshing.”


Prior to the city’s formation, the area of Manning was a swampy region occasionally used by local Iowa (people) forhunting. There were no nearby rivers and few trees.
The Iowa Southwestern, was completed in 1880. Some yards and a depot were constructed at the future location of Manning, in the summer of 1881. In 1881 the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railroad; also constructed a road across Iowa, south of and parallel to, the Northwest. These railroads intersected at what is now Manning.

In 1969, an unknown saboteur used dynamite to bomb one of the rails and derail the passenger train traveling on the east——west Milwaukee railroad line (presently the Burlington Northern) hoping that it would careen into the Nishnabotna river below (fortunately the train came to a safe stop but not until after it derailed). The crime was never solved and no group ever claimed responsibility and no motive for the bombing was ever discovered.